Month: March 2015

Dr. Castillo-Montoya Awarded Grant from UConn Vice President for Research


EDLR’S Dr. Milagros Castillo-Montoya has been awarded a grant through the UConn Vice President for Research Scholarship Facilitation Fund.  Each year, the Scholarship Facilitation Fund works to advance faculty research interests and aids in the continuation of their contributions to their respective fields.

Dr. Castillo-Montoya received this grant for her project, “Higher Education and Student Affairs Administrator’s Learning of Assessment, Evaluation and Research.” As a co-instructor for the HESA program’s year-long service-learning course Assessment, Evaluation and Research in Student Affairs, Dr. Castillo-Montoya will be able to directly apply the knowledge she gains from this research to enhance her students’ learning and classroom experience.

Blanca Rincon, who will be joining the HESA program as a full-time faculty member in the fall of 2015, serves as the co-principal investigator for this project and as a co-instructor for the HESA program’s assessment, evaluation, and research course. We wish both our faculty the best of luck in their research endeavors!

Valentin (’15) and Wong (’15) Receive Scholarships from the Neag School of Education

Two first-year students in the HESA Program recently received scholarships from the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut.

Robert Valentin

Robert Valentin (HESA Class of 2015) was nominated for and received the Sidney P. Marland, Jr. Fund Award. This award aims to provide scholarships for minority undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Educational Leadership.

Nancy Wong

Nancy Wong (HESA Class of 2015) received the Peter J. Nicholls Scholarship. This award is aimed at providing financial support to graduate students enrolled in the Higher Education & Student Affairs Program in the Department of Educational Leadership who demonstrate strong academic achievement.

Congratulations to Robert and Nancy to two well-deserved awards!

Graham (’15) to be Honored at MCNY “Phenomenal Women of Power” Event

Shanna Graham MCNY Event

Shanna Graham (HESA Class of 2015) will be recognized for an award at the Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) Phenomenal Women of Power Leadership Breakfast on March 14, 2015. Shanna was selected for an award due to her efforts in supporting mentoring programs for underrepresented student populations and for “[embodying]  the character and commitment of the College’s founder, Audrey Cohen.”

Following the breakfast, a “Phenomenal Women of Power” roundtable discussion will be held at MCNY, where Shanna will be able to share insights into her experiences. The discussion will be centered on issues that impact women educators and will be led by women currently setting the course for the field of education.

Proceeds from this breakfast and event will be donated to the Melvin I. Douglass Scholarship for Urban Education at MCNY. The fund is the first at MCNY dedicated to students in the Masters of Science in Education program, and the first fund established by an African American man at MCNY.

For more information on the event, feel free to visit and Congratulations once again to Shanna Graham on being recognized for her dedication to education and steadfast support of mentoring programs for underrepresented students.