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Practicum experiences are an essential part of the HESA curriculum. During the second semester of their first year and first semester of their second year, HESA students complete two practica (one 98-hour assignment and one 140-hour assignment) to further their experiences in the field. Practica may be completed in-person or remotely. 

Practicum experiences are a means for students to consider the relations of theory and practice and to better understand the many functions and services that different college and university offices, as well as other organizations, provide to students and other stakeholders.

Expectations for Supervisors 

A practicum is intended to be a professional learning and development experience for HESA students. Supervisors play a key role in creating and encouraging a developmental experience by:

  • Working with the student to establish professional learning and development goals and strategies to meet those goals;
  • Introducing the student to the functional area and your office or department to help foster a sense of connection;
  • Meeting weekly with the student throughout the semester to discuss their progress and experience, providing feedback and guidance;
  • Completing a check in meeting with the student and the course instructor;
  • Evaluating the student at the end of the semester. 

Review the practicum agreement form (PDF) for a detailed list of expectations and responsibilities.

Benefits for Practicum Sites 

HESA students offer valuable insights and experiences that can enhance your organization. When considering hosting a practicum student, we encourage you to specifically identify the kinds of responsibilities and tasks that a student might complete. This helps to ensure a good fit between your site and the student. Some examples include: 

  • Direct advising work with students, either 1-1 or in groups; 
  • Conducting a research or assessment project to address a need in your organization; 
  • Developing materials or resources for a specific program or initiative; 
  • Assisting in the development or facilitation of a course or training program. 

You and the student can be creative and develop a plan that works for you both! 

Interested In Hosting A Practicum?

If your department/institution is interested in hosting a practicum, please complete this form. Please be aware that students choose their practicum sites a semester in advance. If you have questions, please email Dr. Adam McCready.

Practicum Resources 

Recent Practicum Experiences 

  • Columbia University Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Quinebaug Valley Community College Student Services, Advising
  • Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Oracle Research Journal
  • Wesleyan University Office of Residential Life
  • UConn (Storrs) Student Activities- Trustee Student Organization Support
  • UConn (Storrs) School of Engineering Undergraduate Programs
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) - Boston, MA Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development (CO-OPS + CAREERS)
  • UConn (Storrs) Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES)/Transfer Connections
  • UConn (Avery Point) Student Services Office
  • Adelante Student Voices
  • Princeton University - Princeton, NJ Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) (Orientation and First Year Experience)
  • UConn (Storrs) Dean of Students Office
  • UConn (Storrs) First Year Programs & Learning Communities, FYE
  • University of Arizona (Tuscon) Office of Multicultural Engagement - Masculinities in the Mix 
  • UConn (Storrs) Women’s Center
  • UConn (Storrs) Office of Community Standards

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