Month: November 2015

Dr. Kenny Nienhusser to Visit UConn, Meet with HESA Students

Kenny Nienhusser

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Milagros Castillo-Montoya and UConn’s Puerto Rican and Latin American Cultural Center, UConn HESA is happy to visit with Dr. Kenny Nienhusser on November 19, 2015.

Dr. Nienhusser is an Assistant Professor in the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership in the Department of Education at the University of Hartford. Dr. Nienhusser will present on, “Undocumented Students’ Postsecondary Education Access: The Role of Policies and Institutional Agents in High Schools and Higher Education Institutions.” This presentation will describe the landscape of undocumented students’ college access by focusing on what this population has encountered in high schools and postsecondary education institutions in their efforts to gain greater higher education participation.