Month: February 2015

Harney (’16), Lee (’15), and Rodriguez (’15) Take First Place at MSAC Case Study Competition

Maryland Student Affairs Conference - Harney Lee Rodriguez Post 2.9.15

As part of the 39th Maryland Student Affairs Conference, Tina Harney (HESA Class of 2016), Jackie Lee (HESA Class of 2015), and Eileen Rodriguez (HESA Class of 2015) were selected as finalists in the Case Study Competition.As finalists, Tina, Jackie, and Eileen were tasked with defending their case and fielding a question and answer session with a three-person review panel. Members of the panel include Dr. Andrea Goodwin, Dr. Deb Moriarty, and Mr. James Felton.

After defending their study and facing a rigorous Q & A round, the trio took first place in the Case Study Competition!

Congratulations once again to Tina, Jackie, and Eileen on your success!