Social Media: #DoItRight – “Glasgow 5” Present at NASPA Region 1 Conference

NASPA Region 1 2014 Flyer

Every year, the UConn HESA program offers an International Experience where students can travel to partner institutions abroad to conduct research and assessment projects. The goal of this collaboration, structured through the Universitas 21 partnership that UConn belongs to, is to benefit not only the student researchers but the hosting institution as well.

After spending three weeks assessing the use of social media platforms by international students at the University of Glasgow, five UConn HESA students returned to the ‘States with a fresh set of data and suggestions for UGlasgow student affairs staff. After returning home, these five students applied and were accepted to present their experiences at the NASPA Region 1 conference on November 17, 2014. The group’s presentation was titled, “Social Media: #DoItRight.”

Congratulations to Jackie Lee, Caroline Green, Eileen Rodriguez, Em Loisel, and Ty McNamee on their successful presentation!