Forti (’09) Begins New Position at UNH – Manchester

Marisa Forti, a UConn HESA graduate with the Class of 2009, is set to begin her new position at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. As the new Director of Student Development, Marisa will regularly manage first year students and students in transition programming. Overseeing such programs as first year seminars, peer advising, student activities, social justice programming, and direct coordination of student leadership efforts, Marisa continues to utilize the skills and experiences gained from the UConn HESA program into her role as a practitioner.

Furthermore, Maria’s efforts in supporting academically at risk students through early alerts and academic coaching will allow her to share her experiences between areas of student affairs and academic affairs concurrently.

The UConn HESA program is happy to recognize the efforts of past graduates, and we wish Marisa the best of luck in her new role!