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What HESA Graduates Think

In Their Own Words…

Margaret Rothe (2002)

“UCONN taught me to always remain a student and reshaped me as a seasoned professional.  After 10 years in student affairs I returned to UCONN HESA for a graduate degree. Pulling upon my work experience, critically examining processes in light of new information, I was given new ways to see the larger campus role and responsibility beyond student to the further community.  HESA held strong to the expectation that we would be leaders in campus services, proud to defend holistic campus practices that provide necessary scaffolding for each student’s academic growth. Many of us entered in as rough and tumble Resident Directors but now I recognize classmates names as campus leadership.

When we graduated, we knew it was inevitable that we should push ahead, fearlessly asking questions and absorbing purpose.  This is what HESA prepared us for and charged us to do upon graduation.”

Alex Matiash (2012)

“There were pieces of the UConn HESA program that I was expecting coming in. I expected a challenging yet enriching course load, the practical application of theory to my assistantship, and the dynamic nature of moving through this program in a cohort. I think what really made this program special to me were those unexpected pieces. The relationships that I built with my practicum and assistantship supervisors really set the foundation for my own supervision style. Additionally, the lessons they taught me about the job search process, professional image, the political environment of the university and how to get involved at a regional and national level have given my career that much more meaning.

The importance of these lessons have given me the tools to navigate my first position successfully. Circumstances that would have frustrated me two years ago, now seem like challenges I am excited to take on. More importantly, I feel as if I have been prepared for this first job and the questions I have are not about student development, but rather about institution specific culture. The confidence I have in this program has only grown and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering a long term commitment to the field of student affairs.


Morgan Cottrell (2012)

After graduating HESA I was able to contribute value to my new institution immediately. This is due, in large part, to the resources and practical opportunities I gained as a UConn HESA student. The content of HESA courses, the practicums and graduate assistantship experiences are all relevant and directly applicable to the work that I do advocating for students every day. I find myself frequently looking back at texts, consulting with former cohort members, and recalling important classroom discussions and assignments to bring clarity and direction to my new role. I am fully confident, that the mentorship, support and challenge that UConn HESA provided me will continue to benefit me long into my career.

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