Core Competencies

HESA Graduates Core Competencies and Outcomes

The HESA program is a reflective, practitioner based educational experience. Graduates of our program experience a learning environment that combines classroom instruction with graduate assistantships and practicum (internship) experiences. This curriculum promotes mastery of essential skills that enable exemplary professionals to:

  • Apply research and theories to promote success of college students
  • Create programs that foster student learning, such as teaching college students or facilitating leadership experiences
  • Work effectively advising and helping individual students and student groups
  • Demonstrate an understanding of multicultural issues and competencies in higher education and act in ways that promote inclusive practice
  • Integrate an understanding of the context of higher education, including the history and organization of the student affairs profession, legal principles, and the academic mission of colleges and universities
  • Manage and develop resources, including program budgets, staff, information technologies, and strategic plans
  • Solve problems that require effective communication, thoughtful decision making, coping with ambiguity, and managing conflict
  • Assess genuine professional issues by interpreting and applying qualitative and quantitative research techniques and by developing evaluations of programs and services
  • Develop a professional identity based on ethical principles, career goals, and careful reflection