Garland Mann-Lamb

Undergrad: Eastern Connecticut State University

Major: Sociology

Hometown: DeKalb, IL

Assistantship: Residential Life – Assistant Residence Hall Director

Bio: Born in Connecticut but raised in Illinois, I started my college career at Kishwaukee Community College and spent time working at a local university (also the huskies!) before realizing how much I wanted to be back on the east coast with my extended family. I recently earned my bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from Eastern Connecticut State University. While there I dabbled around the student affairs realm, becoming an RA, orientation counselor, campus activity board coordinator, and women’s center intern. These various positions opened my eyes to student affairs as a career path and the ways in which I can challenge and support students outside of the classroom. In my free time, I enjoy a good Hulu/Netflix session, listening to audiobooks, eating yummy foods, and playing with my cat, Lucy. I’m excited to continue my life out east and look forward to experiencing life as a Husky!