Bri Miloz

Undergrad: Northern Arizona University

Major: Marketing and Management (Double Business Major)

Hometown: Peoria, AZ

Assistantship: Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Bio: I was originally born in Springfield, MA and moved to Arizona 12 years ago. I have spent my undergrad in Flagstaff, Arizona where we get all four seasons, especially the snow! So moving back east won’t be a huge climate shock for me. During my undergrad, I was able to discover my interest for Higher Education and Student Affairs through my work and extra-curricular experiences. As a business major, I struggled with finding a way to fit my passion into a career path that would be just right for me. I finally realized my passion for working with individuals looking to succeed in their educational path could be applicable to skills gained through my undergrad.

Throughout my undergrad experience, I have served in various leadership positions as a Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Association Representative, Business Student Ambassador, Edge Leadership Experience Leader, Retreat Staff, Trio the Academy Summer Leader and Team Leader and a Project Coordinator. Through all of my experiences, I have realized how one opportunity leads to another and there is always room for personal growth. It is my goal as a leader to generate awareness on the lack of equal opportunities and the adversities minorities are facing in today’s society. I desire to help others be proud of who they are, encourage confidence and to embrace their individualism. I value the importance of learning and educating ourselves on equality and basic human rights.

My hobbies and interests include, Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, listening to music, exercising, hiking, traveling, cooking, spending time with friends and family, excessive amounts of coffee, and shopping! I’m excited to start my HESA experience with UConn and believe it will provide me the skills I need to accomplish my goals.