The Capstone Course: EDLR 5118

Among other requirements the Capstone Course (EDLR 5118) culminates in two parts. Rather than taking a paper comprehensive exam students are required to create a portfolio and deliver a presentation. Both aspects address a summary of learning related to HESA competencies, a professional development plan, and an application of knowledge to a current issue in higher education and student affairs. A detailed description of each is listed below. Also please see an example of an electronic portfolio from a HESA student who graduated in 2013.

Capstone Portfolio Rubric

  • Resume and cover letter
  • Mission paper
  • Four items of work that demonstrate learning and development on four of the nine competencies. Each of these items includes a 1 page summary of learning.
  • A Professional Development Plan
  • An Application of Knowledge assignment
  • An example of a portfolio is linked here from a student who graduated in 2013.

Capstone Portfolio Presentation Rubric

  • The presentation has a duration of about 50 minutes
  • A panel of faculty and staff evaluate each presentation. Grades are assigned after consultation with EDLR 5118 faculty and the incorporation of feedback from the panel.
  • Certain items from the portfolio are covered in the presentation.