Tessa Bravata

Undergrad: Stetson University

Major: English

Hometown: Palm Beach, FL

Assistantship: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni Relations

Bio: My name is Tessa and I’m from sunny South Florida! I graduated in 2018 from Stetson University where I studied English and Creative Writing. My passion for student affairs developed through my positions at Stetson serving as a leader of the Student Ambassador team and interning in the Leadership Education and Development office. Those experiences allowed me to understand the importance of student affairs professionals and opened my eyes towards the path of becoming one. At a small private liberal arts college, I was able to make strong connections with the faculty and staff advisors, as well as find mentors in many of the graduate assistants that worked in my offices. Now I’m excited to experience a bigger state school in the north and gain a wider understanding of how different campuses operate.

While I’ve found a career in student affairs, I will continue my passion for creative writing, as well. I love to read, write poetry and short nonfiction, and learn how to communicate more efficiently with others. I also enjoy traveling, dancing, visiting Disney, and learning from others.

I’m thrilled to start my journey into higher education with the UConn HESA program and my assistantship in CLAS Alumni Relations! I’m excited to continue my learning through research, immersive experiences, and conversations with my peers.