Sarah Abbey

Sarah Abbey.

Undergrad: George Washington University
Major: International Affairs
Hometown: Arlington, TX
Assistantship: Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Bio: Hello all! My name is Sarah Abbey. I grew up in Arlington, TX but moved to Washington, DC, where I currently live, for my undergrad degree. Throughout my time in undergrad, I very accidentally fell into student government and student facing work at my university. These experiences very quickly developed into a passion for student affairs, which I was able to explore in many different capacities. Furthermore, I became fascinated by social identities and culture and the ways those lenses shape our understanding of the world. I am particularly interested in research around the intersections of race/ethnicity, sexuality/gender, and religion. I am fascinated by the ways that all of those identities interact with each other and create communities, bolster a sense of collective narrative, foster senses of belonging, and help students grapple with their self-conception.

While at UConn, I would like to learn to better acknowledge the impact of students’ lived experiences on their development, shift institutional and curricular methodologies towards those helpful for marginalized students, and develop the ability to implement long-term strategies that facilitate dialogue across differences. My long term goal is to become a Provost for Diversity and Inclusion or head the Retention and Graduation department at a University.

In my free time, I love to read-queer theory and YA fiction are my top two genres, love to cook and eat good food and have a high value for deep conversations. I am obsessed with cider and can’t wait to take advantage of all the cideries the Northeast has to offer! Looking forward to building community and learning together.