Graduate Assistantships

Acceptance into HESA guarantees a placement in a graduate assistantship, usually offered through the Division of Student Affairs. Graduate assistantships are awarded through an interview process, which matches your interests and skills with available two-year assistantships. Graduate assistantships offer you the opportunity to combine the theories, gained through classroom instruction, with supervised, real-world experiences. Assistantships are designed to give you the skills and knowledge to function effectively in the workplace. In addition, graduate assistantships at the University of Connecticut offer an exceptional compensation package, providing a full tuition waiver, and medical and dental insurance options. Graduate assistantships are usually nine-month positions, however some graduate assistantships can be extended through the summer between a student’s first and second years.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, a typical Graduate Assistant stipend for a nine-month appointment will be $24,798.20. Additional pay may also be available for students who chose to stay on campus and work during the summer months. Graduate assistants are able to access employer-provided health and dental insurance and numerous other benefits including paid time off, partial fee waivers, and reduced-cost parking.

Most graduate assistantships available in HESA are offered through the Division of Student Affairs and there are occasionally assistantships available through other functionally related areas outside of the Division.

Interview Process

Applicants who have achieved ‘candidate’ Status (see Frequently Asked Questions) will be invited to participate in our Interview Days in Spring 2021. Interview Days give the candidate the opportunity to meet the program faculty, as well as students currently enrolled in the program. Candidates are typically able to interview for many of the positions in which they are interested. At the end of the interview process candidates will submit a preference card to the HESA admissions committee. Students will list which assistantship positions they believe would be the best fit for their interests and abilities.

Shortly after the interviews, candidates will be notified of assistantship offers. Once a candidate accepts an assistantship offer, they are officially admitted to the HESA program.

Graduate Assistantship Descriptions

Please find below a chart that provides just a few examples of the typical assistantships that are available and an overview of their respective responsibilities. Please note that specific graduate assistantship opportunities change each year. Should you advance on to interview days and enter candidacy status, you will have access to a complete list of more detailed job descriptions for the positions available for Fall 2020. For questions regarding any of these sites or assistantships, please contact the HESA office at (860) 486-8760 or at Please do not contact the sites directly prior to Interview Days.

Division Office Title Responsibilities
Student Affairs Residential Life Assistant Resident Hall Director This assistantship is a live in position designed to provide the HESA student dynamic exposure to the operation and development of a vibrant residential community. The Assistant Residence Hall Director is a key person in promoting the growth of student staff through hiring, training, supervision, and development. Other major areas of responsibility may include: individual student and community development, administrative and managerial responsibilities, facilities management, learning community support, and professional development.
Student Affairs Residential Life Graduate Assistant for Educational Initiatives This assistantship is a live-off position designed to provide the HESA student dynamic exposure to the management and operations of educational initiatives and the multiple partnerships with faculty in the residential life program.  Reporting directly to the Director of Educational Initiatives, the Graduate Assistant will be integral in helping with the major component of the educational initiatives:  Residential Learning Model. Other major areas of responsibility may include: assisting with the RA training course, individual student and community development, administrative and managerial responsibilities, learning community support, and professional development.
Student Affairs Student Activities/Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life Student Activities Graduate Assistant This assistantship is designed to support services and programs that are important functions of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Department of Student Activities. Specifically, the Graduate Assistant will work with the Greek Community Affairs Board and the Off Campus Activity Advising process for student organizations. This position reports to the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Risk Management Coordinator.
Student Affairs Major Events & Programs Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) This assistantship is designed to help Student Activities in enriching the intellectual, ethical, and social development of our students by engaging them in community involvement and leadership opportunities. The graduate assistant is responsible for advisement of educational, social, and recreational programs developed by SUBOG, the campus programming board.  This person will also be assisting with special projects and other duties as assigned. Some duties include teaching workshops, and supporting other Major Events & Programs Office initiatives
Diversity & Inclusion Rainbow Center Rainbow Center Graduate Assistant This assistantship is designed to support the mission of the Rainbow Center which is to serve the University of Connecticut’s diverse community of gender identities, gender expressions and sexualities by fostering student personal growth, leadership development & community engagement; and facilitating education, training and advocacy.  Some job responsibilities include organizing a peer mentoring program, serving as a teaching assistant, supervising, facilitating trainings, and conducting research.
Student Affairs The Dean of Students Office Dean of Students Office Graduate Assistant This assistantship is designed to help the Dean of Students Office serve as a support for students and as a centralized resource for connecting students with appropriate university and community programs, offices and individuals. The office supports students in resolving educational, personal and other university concerns that affect the quality of their academic or community life and personal goals. The graduate assistant will assist in the coordination of services and resources for UConn students and their families. Some duties include meetings with students, conducting research projects, serving as representation on committees, and  assisting with orientation resource fairs and admissions’ open house events