Graduate Assistantships Offered in Past Years

HESA students have held a wide variety of graduate assistantships both inside and outside of UConn’s Division of Student Affairs — this is a list of assistantship possibilities. The departments listed have all offered assistantships in the past, some offer several different types of assistantships. Click on an assistantship title for a sample of the responsibilities and duties that the assistantship offered.

Please note that these assistantship opportunities are subject to change. Please check the main assistantship page for details regarding the specific assistantships being offered for the year you are applying.

Office of First Year Programs

Vice President for Student Affairs Office

Department of Residential Life (Website) (multiple positions typically available)

Asian American Cultural Center (Website)

Office of Community Standards  (Website) (2 positions available)

Department of Student Activities – Leadership Programs (Website) (3 total positions available)

H. Fred Simons African American Cultural Center (Website)

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (Website) (2 total positions available)

Office of Orientation Services (Website)

Office of First Year Programs (Website)

The UConn Honors Program (Website)

Student Union and Student Activities – Programs Office (Website)

The Center for Career Development (Website)

Dean of Students/Off-Campus Student Services (Website)

Dean of Students Office

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Department of Student Activities – Programs Office (Website)