2021 Interview Days

Congratulations on being selected as a candidate for the University of Connecticut's Higher Education and Student Affairs Master's Program! We are excited to have you join us for UConn HESA Interview Days on February 21 & 22, 2021. Below you will find information to assist with your planning and preparation for Interview Days. If you have specific questions that are not addressed below, please contact us at hesa@uconn.edu.

Get Ready for Interview Days: What to Do Next

Step 1: RSVP & Assistantship Preferences

Step 2: Get Connected

  • Review all of the information on this site, including how to connect with current HESA students, getting to know our faculty, and learning about UConn and the surrounding areas.

Step 3: Consider Applying for a Crandall Fellowship

Learn more below about the Crandall Fellowship, a university-wide fellowship awarded to candidates who are evaluated as the most academically promising members of the entering class of graduate students at the University of Connecticut and who demonstrate a commitment to enhancing diversity either within their field of study or more generally in all areas of higher education. If you are interested, apply by February 19, 2021 for best consideration from our department.

Step 4: Learn More about HESA

Step 5: Prepare for Interview Days

  • Online Engagement
    • UConn uses the WebEx video conferencing software, and all of our Interview Days sessions will be held via WebEx. To prepare, you should download the WebEx software for free and familiarize yourself with the software. We also recommend uploading a photo of yourself to your WebEx account.
    • Be sure to do a technology check ahead of time, including checking that your audio and video are working properly with WebEx.
    • Due to the importance of engagement during Interview Days, we strongly recommend having access to both audio and video throughout the sessions. If you anticipate issues with using audio and video during Interview Days, please let us know at hesa@uconn.edu.
    • We wish we could be together on our beautiful campus for interview days, but you can still enjoy our campus scenery by using one of our WebEx Backgrounds during Interview Days! Download the files below and upload to your WebEx account.
  • Attire
    • We recommend casual attire for our Sunday (2/21) programming and business attire for Interviews on Monday (2/22).

Step 6: Participate in Interview Days!

This year's Interview Days will be conducted fully virtually, and includes two components:

  • HESA Welcome and Candidate Orientation (Sunday, February 21, 2:00-6:30pm EST, via WebEx)
  • Assistantship Site and Faculty Interviews (Monday, February 22, 8:00am-4:15pm EST, via WebEx)

View the schedule here 

Please note that we will do our best to schedule candidates with consideration for the time zone from which you will be joining us.

Step 7: After Interview Days

  • Complete the Interview Days Feedback and Assistantship Site Preference Form by February 25th, 2021

    Assistantships: Review & Rank Preferences

    To indicate your interests and preferences for assistantships, be sure to complete the RSVP and Assistantship Site Interview Preference Form, which you also received by email.

    HESA students have held a wide variety of graduate assistantships in UConn's Division of Student Affairs, Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Cultural Centers, and various academic and administrative departments. This is a list of assistantship sites that are looking to fill an open position for Fall 2021. Click on an assistantship title for the responsibilities and duties.

    To determine your assistantship site preferences we recommend you take the following steps:

    • Reflect on the types of knowledge and skills you hope to gain through a graduate assistantship. Consider what experiences you need in order to enhance your ability to be a reflective and inclusive higher education & student affairs professional.
    • Also, reflect on the characteristics of your ideal work environment (e.g., highly structured or less structured, many opportunities for collaboration or many opportunities for independent work).
    • Consider the context and mission of the assistantship sites, and consider how the context and mission compare with similar sites in which you were involved at previous institutions.
    • Review the descriptions of each available assistantship.
    • Look for assistantships that fit well with what you are hoping to learn as well as how you are hoping to learn in graduate school.

    Asian American Cultural Center (AsACC)

    Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development

    Community Standards

      Dean of Students Office

      Department of Residential Life

      Department of Student Activities

        Office of Diversity and Inclusion 

        Office of Institutional Equity 

          Puerto Rican/ Latin American Cultural Center (PRLACC)

            Connect with Current HESA Students

            As you prepare for Interview Weekend and are eager to find out more about life in UConn HESA, we welcome you to follow us on Instagram, where we frequently post content about the HESA program, student and Alumni experiences, faculty research, and getting involved in the field of student affairs. 

            We also invite you to join the private Facebook group for all invited candidates called UConn HESA 2021 Interview Days. This site will be available for you to ask questions, receive updates, and meet other candidates. The group will close on Tuesday, February 23.

            We know there’s a lot to consider when looking at graduate programs and preparing for Interview Days. Current UConn HESA students have volunteered to serve as Interview Days “Connects” and will be in contact with you. Do not hesitate to reach out to this individual as you plan for Interview Days. The role of this individual is to serve as a point of contact for you as you prepare for Interview Days, to answer questions about campus/program life, what to expect, and how to prepare for Interview Days. You will also have many opportunities to connect with current HESA students during Interview Days, through both informal and formal sessions.

              Apply for a Crandall Fellowship

              The Crandall Fellowship (CF) is available to outstanding scholars who have been admitted to master’s programs at the University. This fellowship is intended to recruit and support the most promising students entering graduate programs at the University of Connecticut. Recipients of this fellowship will represent the very best applicants to graduate programs at the University. In addition, to be eligible for either the Crandall Fellowship, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to enhancing diversity in higher education and/or a commitment to enhancing diversity in their field of study. 

              This award consists of a service-free fellowship providing a $20,000 annual stipend (paid monthly, starting in Fall 2021). For a HESA student, the fellowship would be coupled with a full assistantship.

              Please review the detailed fellowship information and award criteria here.

              For consideration of the Crandall fellowship as a HESA applicant, we request that you submit your application and intent to be considered for an award by Friday, February 19, 2021. This will allow us to review your fellowship application concurrent with your interviews. Please note that this program deadline is earlier than the Graduate School deadline. 

              After submitting your application to The Graduate School, you will be able to submit the form to request consideration for the Fellowship from your Application Management Page: http://connect.grad.uconn.edu/apply  There are three stages to these awards. First, after you submit your application you will be given the option to apply for the fellowship. Second, the Department of Educational Leadership will then decide whom, out of all our applicants, we wish to nominate for the award. And, third, a university-wide committee reviews all applicants nominated by departments and decides upon awardees of the Fellowship.

                  Meet the HESA Faculty