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The practicum experience is an essential part of the HESA curriculum. During the second semester of their first year and first semester of their second year, HESA students venture out into the Division of Student Affairs (or other areas of interest) and complete (2) 140-hour practica to further their experiences in the field of Student Affairs. This experience is another means for students to turn theory into practice and to gain a grasp on the many functions and services that different offices within a university provide to students.

Below you will find further information on the HESA practicum experience. All descriptions are examples of past offerings and options for future opportunities. The two HESA competencies that best relate to each experience have been identified, and the layout below reflects that distinction. It is the HESA student’s responsibility to find and secure a practicum which suits their career ambitions and aspirations. If students are unable to identify a practicum experience of interest from those listed below they receive assistance to create something independently elsewhere on campus or at a nearby institution.

Possible Practicum Sites


For prospective practicum sites:


Please be aware that students choose their practicum sites a semester in advance.

Completed forms can be emailed to Dr. Kari Taylor