Pedro Santiago

Pedro Santiago.

Undergrad: Wagner College
Major: English
Hometown: Staten Island, New York
Assistantship: Student Activities- Major Events and Programs
Bio: Hey y, all! My name is Pedro Santiago, and I am from Staten Island, New York. I attended Wagner College for my undergraduate degree in English with a minor in civic engagement and sociology. During my undergrad, I was a member of the Bonner leaders Program, which focused on community engagement and identity. Through this program, I was fortunate enough to work with many community partners and nonprofits, addressing issues within surrounding neighborhoods while thinking of solutions through the perspective and engagement of those within. I grew passionate about culture, race, identity, and systematic oppression, all of which impact the development of minority youth and limit our choices.

Growing up with a father incarcerated, a young mother, and being Latinx, I constantly was looked down upon due to these factors. Seeing that college wasn't expected of students in similar situations and identities pushed me by not allowing myself to be defined by my circumstances. Yet, I noticed that these disadvantages usually limited individuals. This realization caused me to become fascinated by the impacts of socio-economics, community, race, and identity had on the individual and their success.

These experiences cultivated my passion for Higher Education and its endless opportunity to spark changes through a vast network of outlets. I look forward to being part of the HESA community, obtaining new perspectives while fostering change to encompass all forms of identity within Higher Education for our future youth. Let's keep pushing for change!

P.S. I love listening to music, hiking, enjoying nature, designing and repurposing furniture, and intellectual conversations that get deep.