Irvine Peck’s-Agaya

Irvine Peck's-AgayaUndergrad: Wesleyan University

Major: Government and Religion

Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL

Assistantship: Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Bio: I was born in Limoges, France from a Gabonese mother and a Haitian father. I lived in two different African countries (Gabon and Benin) before moving to Florida. As an undergraduate at Wesleyan University I double majored in Government and Religion in the hope of working as a consultant for the UN.

It was after co-founding and working at TRAP House - a business incubator that refined hustlers’ entrepreneurial talent and redirected it to the formal market that - that I understood the importance of higher education professionals devoted to providing resources and programs that provided support, accountability, and personal & career development to students from under-represented backgrounds. Many of our clients at TRAP House dropped out of college and joined the drug trade due to financial strains on them and/or their family. My clients and I had a similar background, but I was able to successfully complete my undergraduate career due to mentors who helped me access university resources that advanced my personal development, offered me on-campus employment, and encouraged me to strive academically. I decided to join higher education to work with and support students from underserved background.

I am really excited to learn from professors and my peers here at HESA!