HESA 2017 Graduates

Congratulations 2017 HESA Graduates!

Meet the Graduates

  • Miesha Bell
    Hometown: Bayville, NJ
    Undergraduate Institution: Rutgers University
    Assistantship: Assistant Residence Hall Director
    Practicum: African American Cultural Center, The Petey Greene Program
  • Tyler Benateigha
    Hometown: Longmont, CO
    Undergraduate Institution: Colorado State University
    Assistantship: Assistant Residence Hall Director
    Practicum: Academic Advising for the Psychological Sciences Department, Husky Sport
    Post-Graduation Destination: Resident Director at the University of Southern California
  • Jessica Glynn
    Hometown: Middletown, NJ
    Undergraduate Institution: The College of New Jersey
    Assistantship: Leadership Office
    Practicum: Community Standards, Department of Human Resources
  • Jonathan Gomez
    Hometown: Santa Rose, CA
    Undergraduate Institution: Sonoma State University
    Assistantship: Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center, Asian American Cultural Center
    Practicum: Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center, Community Standards
    Post-Graduation Destination: Area Coordinator at San Francisco State University
  • Lauren Hennes
    Hometown: Turlock, CA
    Undergraduate Institution: Humboldt State University
    Assistantship: Honors Program
    Practicum: Rainbow Center, Residential Life
  • Leslie Lawrence
    Hometown: Avon, CT
    Undergraduate Institution: University of Rhode Island
    Assistantship: Student Union/Programs Office
    Practicum: International Student Services at Trinity College, Connecticut Students for a Dream
  • Niimo Nix
    Hometown: Providence, RI
    Undergraduate Institution: Roger Williams University
    Assistantship: Assistant Residence Hall Director
    Practicum: Office of Undergraduate Research, Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center
    Post-Graduation Destination: Dean of Students at The Wheeler School at Breakthrough Providence
  • Alyssa Paquin
    Hometown: Litchfield, NH
    Undergraduate Institution: University of New England & University of New Hampshire – Manchester
    Assistantship: Orientation Services
    Practicum: Academic Advising, Disability Services, and Veteran Affairs at Manchester Community College; Academic Coaching and Disability Services at Connecticut College
    Post-Graduation Destination: Learning and Accommodations Specialist at Connecticut College
  • Lexy Parrill
    Hometown: Naperville, IL
    Undergraduate Institution: Indiana University
    Assistantship: Leadership Office
    Practicum: Office of Diversity and Equity, Student Activities Programs Office
    Post-Graduation Destination: Program Coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students at Princeton University
  • Emily Pearson
    Hometown: Buhl, ID
    Undergraduate Institution: Boise State University
    Assistantship: Leadership Office
    Practicum: Community Standards
  • Yihra Peralta
    Hometown: Springfield, MA
    Undergraduate Institution: University of Massachusetts – Boston
    Assistantship: Assistant Residence Hall Director
    Practicum: Intercultural Center at Eastern Connecticut State University, Community Standards
    Post-Graduation Destination: Jumpstart Site Manager at Wheelock College
  • Christian Price
    Hometown: Vicksburg, MS
    Undergraduate Institution: Mississippi State University
    Assistantship: ScHOLA2RS House
    Practicum: UConn Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletics, Residential Life
  • Sarah Redlich
    Hometown: Cumberland, RI
    Undergraduate Institution Wheaton College
    Assistantship: Community Standards/Dean of Students
    Practicum: Dean of Students Office; Advising, Recruitment, and Development with the Urban and Community Studies Department
    Post-Graduation Destination: Graduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Psychological Sciences at University of Connecticut
  • Tia Roy
    Hometown: Haverhill, MA
    Undergraduate Institution: Merrimack College
    Assistantship: Dean of Students/Off-Campus Student Services
    Practicum: Center for Career Development
    Post-Graduation Destination: Admission and Enrollment Counselor at Northern Essex Community College
  • Abigail Smith
    Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
    Undergraduate Institution: Randolph College
    Assistantship: Assistant Residence Hall Director
    Practicum: Husky Sport, Community Standards
    Post-Graduation Destination: Residence Coordinator at Pace University – Pleasantville Campus
  • Ashley Valentin
    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Undergraduate Institution: DePaul University
    Assistantship: Community Standards
    Practicum: Off-Campus Student Services, UConn Police Department – Community Outreach Division
    Post-Graduation Destination: Resident Director at University of Washington
  • Jordan Walsh
    Hometown: Valencia, CA
    Undergraduate Institution: California State University – Chico
    Assistantship: African American Cultural Center/Dean of Students
    Practicum: Office of Accessibility Services at Eastern Connecticut State University, Rowe Scholars Program
    Post-Graduation Destination: Learning Specialist at Seattle University
  • Rebecca Weintraub
    Hometown: West Chester, PA
    Undergraduate Institution: Franklin & Marshall College
    Assistantship: Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
    Practicum: Community Standards, TA for Intergroup Dialogue
    Post-Graduation Destination: Assistant Director for Student Involvement at the Pratt Institute
  • Garret Zastoupil
    Hometown: Fargo, ND
    Undergraduate Institution: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
    Assistantship: Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
    Practicum: Husky Sport, Honors Program
    Post-Graduation Destination: Civil Society and Community Research Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Wisconsin