Full-Time Faculty

Our full-time faculty members are those that teach courses required within the program on a regular basis and serve as academic advisers for current students.

Kari Taylor, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor In-Residence, Department of Educational Leadership
Director, Higher Education and Student Affairs
Neag School of Education

Kari Taylor is an assistant professor in-residence and program director for the Higher Education and Student Affairs master’s program in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education.  Kari teaches the college student development courses and the higher education seminar.  Her research focuses on how students develop personal and social responsibility in order to make substantive, socially just contributions to the diverse communities in which they learn, live, and work.

Kari earned bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Magazine Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou).  Due to her involvement in Mizzou’s Freshman Interest Groups, she chose to pursue a career in student affairs.  She then earned a master’s degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education from Miami University (of Ohio) and a Ph.D. in the same field from The Ohio State University.  Previously, Kari served as a senior associate director for Miami University’s Honors Program.

Her current research contributes to student development theory, research, and practice by integrating the psychological and sociocultural aspects of development.  By using methods such as participant-observation in conjunction with in-depth interviews, she has addressed scholars’ calls to examine development in context and linked developmental processes to educational practices.  She has published multiple articles in the Journal of College Student Development and contributed chapters to key publications including Student Services: A Handbook for the Profession and a New Directions for Student Services issue exploring critical perspectives on student development theory.

Reginald Blockett

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership
Neag School of Education

Reginald Blockett is a visiting assistant professor of higher education and student affairs in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education. Reginald teaches the leadership issues in higher education course and college student development course. His scholarly interest center on the sociocultural experiences of Black and Brown LGBTQ collegians, Black doctoral students’ socialization, and social justice practice and pedagogies across educational contexts.

Reginald is a proud native of Detroit, Michigan, where he first learned the value of education, family, and community. He earned a bachelor’s in Sociology with a concentration in social inequality from Saginaw Valley State University, his master’s degree in student affairs from Iowa State University, and is currently completing his Ph.D. in higher education and student affairs from Indiana University Bloomington. Reginald’s professional higher education experience includes working at Rutgers University as a residence life coordinator and as an instructor for first-year women students in a residential college. Reginald has extensive college teaching experience as an interdisciplinary educator with concentrations in women’s and gender studies, sexuality studies, and queer studies.

Reginald’s current research mobilizes intersectionality and queer of color critique to examine kinship formations and worldmaking practices among Black queer college men at a predominantly White and largely heterocisnormative Midwestern research university. His scholarship has been published in several prominent research journals, including the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, and the Western Journal of Black Studies.

Milagros Castillo-Montoya, Ed.D.


Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership
Neag School of Education
(860) 486-3250

Milagros Castillo-Montoya is an assistant professor of higher education and student affairs in the Educational Leadership Department at the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Castillo-Montoya teaches the assessment, evaluation, and research course, leading in a multicultural environment, and college and university environments. Her research focuses on teaching and learning in high-diversity colleges and universities with particular attention to the learning and development that first-generation African American and Latino students may experience during their undergraduate years.

Dr. Castillo-Montoya has published in the Harvard Educational Review, Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education, and Academic Leadership. She also published a narrative research-based book in 2012, entitled Cubans in New Jersey: Migrants Tell Their Stories. Prior to joining the Neag faculty, she served as an instructor of research methods in education for Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Castillo-Montoya began her career in higher education as an administrator in a Trio program at Rutgers University and has 20 years experience in student affairs, academic affairs, and higher education policy. She holds a B.A. and M.S.W. from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and an Ed.D. in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Please click here for additional information on Dr. Castillo-Montoya

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Fall 2017 Course Instructors

In additional to our full-time faculty, the following student affairs administrators are teaching our fall 2017 courses.

David Clokey, M.Ed.


Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
(860) 486-2265

David Clokey serves as the Interim Director of Student Services and Advocacy. He coordinates the central budget process for the Division, directs the University Student Fee process for General University and Activity Funds, provides central leadership for the implementation and on-going management of the Division's technology resource plan as well as supervises the Division's IT Department, (including the One Card ID Office), the Office of Community Standards, and the Student Union and the program functions within the Office of the Vice President. He also co-teaches the Practicum Course for the Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate program. David earned his Master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Vermont and his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management from Indiana State University. He has worked in student affairs leadership roles at the University of Vermont and the University of Maryland prior to his arrival at UConn in August 2002.

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Catherine Cocks, M.A.


Director, Community Standards
(860) 486-8402

Cathy Cocks instructs the Law, Ethics, and Decision Making in Student Affairs course.

Cathy serves as the Director of Community Standards and is responsible for the coordination of individual and student group-based discipline, development of creative responses to student conduct issues, and the implementation of a comprehensive education process for helping community members fully understand their rights and responsibilities. Community Standards is the home of the UConn Compass Program, a student engagement initiative.

Prior to her current position, Cathy held a variety of positions within Residential Life. Her master’s degree is from the University of Connecticut in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

Related Courses: EDLR-5119: The Law, Ethics, and Decision Making in Student Affairs

Eleanor JB Daugherty, Ed. D.

Eleanor Daugherty on Nov. 13, 2014. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
(860) 486-0988

Elly joined the Division of Student Affairs at UConn in August of 2014 to assume the role of Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.  In her role, Elly has direct oversight over the Dean of Students Office, Student Health Services, Counseling and Mental Health Services, Community Standards, Off-Campus Student Services, and Residential Life.

Prior to coming to UConn, Elly was the Assistant Vice President for Student Life and the Associate Dean of the College for Student Life and Alumni Affairs at the University of Chicago.  Elly has also held administrative roles at Columbia University and the University of Michigan. Elly is a graduate of the University of Chicago (BA) and Columbia University (MEd).  Elly’s academic interests include diversity and inclusion among underrepresented college students and is reflected in her recently completed doctoral thesis, Access Now: Exploring the Perceptions and Experiences of College Access Among Today’s Youth. 

Danielle DeRosa, M.S.


Student and Staff Development Manager for the Department of Educational Leadership

Danielle DeRosa is the Student and Staff Development Manager for the Department of Educational Leadership. She works with campus partners to design and provide student and staff development across the Department of Educational Leadership with a special emphasis on the Higher Education and Student Affairs and Husky Sport programs.  Danielle has been the Assistant Director of Student and Staff Development for Husky Sport, in that role she planned professional and student development and co-designed and taught an undergraduate service-learning course for the Sports Management program.
Prior to these roles, Danielle developed, coordinated and oversaw college students’ educational and professional development through her work in the Global Training and Development Institute (GTDI), an office of UConn Global Affairs. This work allowed Danielle to engage with college students and young professionals from around the world as they learned about U.S. history and leadership, as well as program specific topics such as social entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment and economic development.  Danielle oversaw collaborations with international institutions including Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong), The University for Peace (Costa Rica), and The University of the Western Cape (South Africa) in order to plan meaningful professional exchanges.  Previously, Danielle worked with the Office of First Year Programs and Learning Communities and the Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletes, in these roles Danielle provided structured academic support to students as they navigated the transition to the University of Connecticut.

Danielle joined the University of Connecticut as professional staff after completing both her undergraduate degree (Communication Sciences) and graduate coursework (Sport Management) at UConn.

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Mark Flynn

Coordinator of Four Arrows Challenge Course and Experiential Leadership Programs, Services, and Initiatives in the Department of Student Activities
(860) 486-6588

Mark Flynn, M.A. serves as the Coordinator of Four Arrows Challenge Course and Experiential Leadership Programs, Services, and Initiatives in the Department of Student Activities. In this role he manages one of the largest low ropes challenge courses in the Northeast housed at the Storrs Depot Campus. As a level 2 Certified Ropes Course Practitioner he trains, supervises, and coordinates student staff facilitators in running safe, educationally based, experiential programs for the UConn student population and community. He has oversight of an educational retreat space next to the ropes course called Ellington Cottage. He is also responsible for the provision of general leadership development workshops and collaborate across campus on experiential initiatives. Prior to his experience at UConn, Mark served as the Coordinator of Campus Life and Engagement at the University of South Florida Lakeland Campus. Mark will be completing his second master’s program by the end of Fall 2017 and will be earning a Master’s of Education in Experiential Learning and Development from Plymouth State University. He earned his first Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the NEAG School of Education in 2011 at UConn and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts concentrated in Computer Graphics in 2009 from New York Institute of Technology.


Fany Hannon, M.A.

Fany Hannon 1

Director, Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center
(860) 486-1135

Fany D. Hannon, a native of Honduras came to the United States when she was 20 years old. Fany did not speak, write, or read English. A stronger believer in the power of self-motivation, perseverance and drive; Fany enrolled in ESL classes at Miami Dade College and she started in the second level. She spent many hours studying in the library, meeting with her teachers, and watching as many TV shows and movies to better understand, write, read and speak English. Fany fulfilled her dream of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies and a minor in Brazilian Studies from Smith College. After working for some many years at Miami Dade College in different roles from Academic Advisor, Program Coordinator, and Case Manager, Fany found her calling to work in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

In 2006, Fany was admitted as a graduate student in the Higher Education & Student Affairs Master’s Program at the University of Connecticut (UCONN). She learned about different sub-populations of college students and became very passionate about learning and working in specifically with underrepresented groups, student development and leadership, and peer-mentoring. After graduating from the HESA program, Fany worked for the UCONN Alumni Association as the Manager of Students & Young Alumni Relations for four years. Currently, Fany is the Director of the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center (PRLACC) at UCONN. A role she treasures some much; for her working with her students is her calling and not a job. She also teaches two classes. In her spare time, Fany loves gardening, baking pies (in the fall and winter), fruit tarts and making jam (spring and summer); and she loves teaching Spanish to her 5 year old African Grey, Zazu. She lives with her husband Dave in Willington.

EDLR-5092: Practicum-Senior Year Experience, SYE Coach

Stacey Murdock, M.A.


Alumni Relations Coordinator, Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs
(860) 486-2265

Stacey Murdock is a coach for the HESA SYE practicum and co-teaches the traditional practicum course. For the Division of Student Affairs, Stacey directs divisional alumni relations, development and stewardship efforts in her role as the Alumni Relations Coordinator. She also coordinates senior transition events, such as the Senior Kick Off and Countdown to Commencement, social media and marketing initiatives and the Students First Funds Golf Tournament. Prior to this, she coordinated the UConn Careers for the Common Good program run by the Center for Career Development and the Office of Community Outreach. Stacey earned her Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the NEAG School of Education at UConn and her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Cornell University.

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Krista O'Brien

Coordinator of Triad and Leadership Development Programs, Services, and Initiatives in the Department of Student Activities

Krista O’Brien, M.A. serves as Coordinator of Triad and Leadership Development Programs, Services, and Initiatives in the Department of Student Activities. She is responsible for the advisement, support and development of the Fee-Funded student organizations, a portfolio of personal and organizational leadership development programs, and works with organization conduct process. Prior to this, Krista coordinated the Leadership Learning Community, Leadership Certificate Series, and Leadership Legacy Experience. She received her Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs from UConn, and two B.A.s in Government & International Politics and Conflict Analysis & Resolution from George Mason University.

Related Courses: EDLR 5092: Practicum in Higher Education

 Christine Wilson, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Director of Student Activities
(860) 486-8151

Christine Wilson has been a student affairs professional for almost 30 years.  She currently serves as the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Director of Student Activities at the here at the University of Connecticut.  She is responsible for working with a talented staff to assure a comprehensive, innovative, safe, diverse and inclusive extra curricular experience for UConn students.  She supervises five areas:  Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Activities Business Services,  Major Events and Programs, Community Outreach, and Leadership and Organizational Development.  She also collaborates with other colleagues to manage crises and bias incidents on campus, and co-chairs the assessment committee in the Division of Student Affairs.  She is a member of the University Senate and serves as the Chair of the Student Welfare Committee. Before coming to the University of Connecticut, Christine worked in student leadership, student unions, student activities, and residential life at several universities.  She conducts research and assessment on student leadership (focusing on inclusive leadership) and the stress of student leaders, and she loves to support students engaged in research.  She serves as the Research & Scholarship Chair for NACA, and recently co-authored the Ethical Practices chapter in the 2017 edition of Student Services:  A Handbook for the Profession.  Christine earned a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a master's degree in College Student Personnel from Indiana State University, and a PhD from the University of Rhode Island; her research focused on preparing teachers for multicultural environments.  


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Affiliate Faculty

We are proud to have administrators and faculty from other programs serve HESA students as teachers, mentors, or coaches.

Maureen Armstrong, M.Ed.


Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs

Maureen Armstrong serves as the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs for Division Initiatives. Prior to this she served as Coordinator of Housing Assignments at the University of Connecticut, where she managed the undergraduate assignment process. Maureen has a major leadership role with the HESA Senior Year Experience (SYE) Course and also serves as an SYE coach.

She has been actively involved in NASPA, serving on the Region I advisory board. Past roles within NASPA Region I include Regional Historian, Awards and Nominations Chair, New Hampshire State Director and the Chair of the New Professionals and Graduate Students Network.

Maureen is a graduate of University of Maine where she received a Masters of Education and Westfield State College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has completed the HERS (Higher Education Resource Services) Program as well as the NASPA Region I Mid-Level Institute.

Related Courses: EDLR-5092: Practicum-Senior Year Experience, SYE Coach

Dan Doerr, M.A.


Assistant to the Vice President for Planning and Assessment, Director of Senior Transition and Engagement Programs
(860) 486-2265

Dan Doerr, Assistant to the Vice President for Planning and Assessment & Director of Senior Transition and Engagement Programs, directs Senior Transition and Engagement Programs and provides oversight for several programmatic initiatives of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, especially as they relate to alumni development, fundraising and stewardship. He also provides leadership for division-wide strategic planning and the coordination of assessment reporting. Currently, Dan co-instructs the Capstone course, designed to support HESA students’ as they synthesize their learning in the master’s program and transition to professional positions. Daniel earned an M.A. in Education with a concentration in higher education and student affairs from the University of Connecticut and his Bachelor's degree in history from Southern Connecticut State University.

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Alisa Geller, M.S.


Assistant Director for Student Welfare, Residential Life
(860) 486-2926

Alisa Geller is a coach for the HESA SYE practicum. She is currently Assistant Director for Housing Services and has served UConn Residential Life for nearly a decade in a variety of roles. Prior to her appointment at UConn, Alisa served as Coordinator of Housing Operations at Clark University in Massachusetts.

Alisa has worked extensively with peer educators, especially through Husky WOW and the RA Course. She has also taught the First Year Experience course and three different sections of the Senior Year Experience course.

She has a Master of Science degree in Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Memphis and a bachelor’s degree from Wilkes University.

Related Courses: EDLR-5092: Practicum-Senior Year Experience, SYE Coach

Michael Gilbert, Ed. D.


Vice President of Student Affairs
(860) 486-2265

Michael Gilbert joined UConn in the fall of 2013 from the University of Delaware where he served as the Vice President for Student Life since July 2007. His prior academic experience includes serving as Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at the Pennsylvania State University. He has held administrative positions at the University of Massachusetts, Northeastern University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Gilbert is a member of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). He earned his BA degree at the University of Vermont, a MEd degree at Michigan State University, and a doctorate in education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Related Courses: EDLR-5107: Resource Management Issues in Student Affairs

Elsie Gonzalez, M.A., M.S


Executive Assistant, Residential Life

(860) 486-2060

Elsie González is the Executive Assistant in Residential Life. She earned a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from UConn School of Business (2016), Master’s degree in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Teachers College-Columbia University (2004), and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology (2003) from Lesley University. She also serves the UConn community as mentor-educator and seeks to empower students as they navigate the roadmap of higher education at UConn. She is particularly interested in women’s leadership and advocacy, diversity and inclusion, and staff training and development.

Kimberly Hill, M. Ed.


Associate Director, Community Standards
(860) 486-8402


Kim Hill serves as a coach for the HESA SYE Practicum. She is Associate Director of Community Standards at UConn. In this role she manages cases, facilitates training of conduct and hearing officers, and creates workshops and other strategies that foster the development of students’ ethical decision making. Prior to her experience at UConn, Kim served as Associate Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. She also has experience in residential life at Bentley University in Massachusetts. Kim is a skilled group facilitator with extensive involvement in leadership training for professional associations and neighboring universities.

Kim earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in student personnel administration at Springfield College in Massachusetts.

Related Courses: EDLR-5092: Practicum-Senior Year Experience, SYE Coach

 Donna Korbel, M.Ed.


Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities
(860) 486-2020

Donna is the Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) at UConn and in her role as Assistant Vice President for student affairs also supervises the Department of Wellness & Prevention Services. She received her M.Ed. in Rehabilitation Counseling from Springfield College and is a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at the NEAG School of Education at the University of Connecticut.

In her work with CSD, Donna works to assure University compliance with all relevant state and federal legislation regarding students with disabilities. To this end, she develops program services and oversees the development of University policies and procedures and participates in institutional committees to ensure inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all programs and services.

Prior to joining the staff at UConn, Donna worked as a Rehabilitation Consultant and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in both public and private settings. Her research interests include the transition of postsecondary students with disabilities to college, universal design for instruction and its benefits for the postsecondary education of individuals with disabilities as well as the professional development of college student personnel.

Jennifer Lease Butts, Ph.D.


Assistant Vice Provost for Enrichment Programs Director of the Honors Program
(860) 486-2140.

Dr. Lease Butts has had key involvement in the curriculum for the HESA program. Having served as adjunct HESA faculty since spring 2004, Dr. Lease Butts has a long-standing relationship with the HESA program, students, and faculty. Currently she serves as the Assistant Vice Provost for Enrichment Programs and the Director of the Honors Program. Additionally, she brings a background of teaching Program Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment, Structured Group Interventions, and Theory of College Student Development at the University of Georgia.

Jen is a member of the Journal of College Student Affairs Review Board, which is a publication of the Southern Association of College Student Affairs. She also serves as a member on the Journal for Advanced Academics Review Board. Twice nominated as University of Connecticut Outstanding Staff Advisor, Jen was also recognized by the receipt of the American College Personnel Association’s Annuit Coeptis Emerging Leader Award. Her service to the University of Connecticut is demonstrated by her active involvement on the First-Year Programs Advisory Board, the Provost's Library Advisory Committee, and the Academic Support Award Committee.

Jen graduated from the University of Georgia with a Ph.D. in Counseling, Human Development, and Student Affairs Administration, specializing in gifted education and qualitative research. She is also a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (M.Ed. in Higher Education, and a B.A. in History, Summa Cum Laude).

Pamela Schipani, M.S.


Executive Director of Residential Life
(860) 486-2060

Pam is currently serving as the Executive Director of Residential Life at UConn. Pam’s work with Residential Life at UConn spans 31 years, serving in roles that include Housing Services Director, Associate Director of Residence Education, Coordinator of Training and Research, Complex Coordinator, and Interim Director of Technology Services. She has also served UConn as Interim Director of Prevention and Wellness. Prior to joining the UConn staff, Pam worked in higher education at the University of Massachusetts and Alfred State College in New York. Pam holds a Masters and a Post-Master’s degree in Counseling from St. Bonaventure University.

Pam's teaching experience includes, SYE, FYE, and a 3-credit RA Course at UConn, Counseling and Interviewing Techniques at UMass, and high school social studies.

Ashley Vrabely


Assistant Director, Community Standards

(860) 486-8402

Ashley Vrabely is an Assistant Director in Community Standards and began this role in the summer of 2014. As an Assistant Director, Ashley investigates large-scale and complex cases and works with students to help them reflect on their decisions to be successful community members at the institution and beyond. Prior to her current role, Ashley served as the Assistant Coordinator of Student Conduct Education and Administration at Oklahoma State University. Ashley is an active member in the Association for Student Conduct Administration and serves as the Connecticut State Coordinator.

Ashley first joined the UConn community as an undergraduate student, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication Sciences and went on to earn her Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs at UConn.