Darlene Rodriguez

Darlene Rodriguez headshot


Undergrad: Ithaca College
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Assistantship: Office of Alumni Relations in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Bio: Hello everyone, I am excited to be joining the Husky family in the Fall! I was born and raised in the Bronx in New York City. Growing up, I was never too concerned with going to college as no one in my family had attended. However, when I was admitted into Ithaca College as a Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) student, I couldn't pass up the offer. As a first generation student, I was presented with various obstacles that I didn't know how to overcome and received little support from my family. With HEOP, I was able to find others who also faced the same obstacles I did. 'I don't know what I don't know', the most prevalent frustration that plagued my daily life until it pushed me to accept the offer to become a Peer Mentor and help establish the First Generation Student Organization.

My work as a Peer Mentor put me on a path to serve as a resource to students. I found that I had a true passion for helping others and advising students on the multiple facets of the college experience. So here am I! Just your friendly Latina from the Bronx trying to learn and grow!