Alex Doming

Undergrad: Westfield State University

Major: Special Education & Spanish

Hometown: Belchertown, MA

Assistantship: Community Standards

Bio: People on airplanes and other forms of public transit tell me that I’m incredibly enthusiastic, and I agree with them! During undergrad I worked in residential life, orientation, and admissions. I was involved with student government and Sigma Delta Pi - La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica. I am also a triplet! I love my brothers, Troy and Dakota, with all my heart.

My academic interests include anti-racism, white identity, hegemony, men’s role in violence prevention, housing discrimination, Latinidad, imperialism, and assimilation. If it’s a topic that entails complicity in the exploitation of people, then it’s something that I care about. My favorite historical figure is Bartolome de las Casas for his change of heart and activism during his participation in Spanish colonialism. I was a Spanish teacher and member of the ResLife team at a private boarding school in Massachusetts during my first year out of undergrad. I really appreciate the knowledge and perspectives of the large international student population at the school. More recently, I was employed full-time in undercover quality assurance auditing (I was like a secret agent – ask me about it!) and logistics/operations/finance at Applus+ Technologies. Some important facets of my personhood that don’t directly relate to capitalism, careers, and material consumption include my deep love for flowers, dancing, tattoos, cooking, hiking, staying hydrated, heavy metal, and hip-hop. My favorite thing in the universe is when members of humanity treat one another with genuine kindness, attention, and compassion so hopefully you can join me in spreading these values far and wide! I aspire to empower those who feel that they’ve been excluded from our communities and cast into the margins of society.